Winter Festival for Peace 1970 United States

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The first time that the world's biggest performers at that time came together and donated their performances to aid a specific social/political agenda. The services would be donated and all proceeds of the event would go to the Vietnam Moratorium effort.
Winter Festival for Peace 1970
Wed Jan 28, 1970
Madison Square Garden
4 Pennsylvania Plaza
New York City New York
United States
Years active
Founded by
Peter Yarrow, Phil Friedmann & Sid Bernstein

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Suffering from exhaustion and the effects of a drink laced with an unknown substance taken before the show, Hendrix failed to execute his musical plans this evening. Having completed just two songs, "Who Knows" and "Earth Blues" the only thing Hendrix could do at that point was drop his guitar and sit down on the stage, meanwhile Miles and Cox continue to roll through the back beats. As Alfred Aronowitz later recalled in his New York Post column, "The crowd has already gotten twice its money's worth when Jimi Hendrix stopped playing in the middle of his second number, said 'That's what happens when Earth ,,,,, with Space, never forget that, that's what happens.'" ... "Jimi got up, put his guitar down and walked offstage." This led to the immediate dissolution of his new group Band of Gypsys. Hendrix’s Madison Square Garden meltdown capped a turbulent year that had already seen the breakup of his previous band, the Experience, his legendary appearance at Woodstock and the speedy live recording of the Band of Gypsys LP.


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