Trips Festival 1966 United States

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This festival is widely credited with being the start of the hippie counterculture that would emerge within the next year.
The Trips Festival was the brainchild of author Ken Kesey, who was conducting “acid tests” — wild parties in the Bay Area that featured music, dancing, theater, strobe lights, Day-Glo paint and free access to LSD, which was legal at the time. He and writer Stewart Brand decided to take it to the next level and hold a three-day festival.
The festival’s innovative mix of music, theater and light enjoyed by thousands of stoned hippies forecast what was to come as Trips Festivals were staged in other cities like Vancouver. It was promoted as an immersive and participatory multi-media experience. 
Trips Festival 1966
Fri Jan 21, 1966 - Sun Jan 23, 1966
Longshoremen's Hall
400 North Point St
San Francisco California 94133
United States
Years active
Founded by
Ramon Sender, Ken Kesey, Stewart Brand, Bill Graham

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Arts & Acts

Virtually the entire Bay Area’s avant-garde arts scene was involved, including the San Francisco Mime Troupe, the Open Theater, the Dancer’s Workshop and the San Francisco Tape Music Center. 


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