Seattle Pop Festival 1969 United States

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Fri Jul 25, 1969 - Sun Jul 27, 1969
Gold Creek County Park
Woodinville Washington 98072
United States
Forgotten Woodstock
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Led Zeppelin and The Doors played together on the same ticket–the only time they did so. Chicago Transit Authority eventually became Chicago.  Their first album had been released only 3 months before Seattle Pop Festival. This is Led Zeppelin on the cusp of fame. 1969 was the year they first came to America. And, if it weren’t for the Seattle Pop Festival, the infamous Led Zeppelin mudshark incident at Seattle’s Edgewater Hotel would never have happened.

Crome Syrcus?  They were a psychedelic Pacific Northwest band that broke up in 1973, best known for “Love Cycle” and “Take It Like a Man.”

Murray Roman?  He was a stand-up comedian, a bit of a poor man’s Lenny Bruce, who had an album called You Can’t Beat People Up and Have Them Say I Love You.  He died in 1973 in a car crash on PCH.

The Flying Burrito Brothers was formed a year before Seattle Pop from former Byrds members Gram Parsons and Chris Hillman.


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