Sanritsuka Genyasai Festival 1971 Japan

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A three-day combination underground music festival and protest against the expansion of the Narita International Airport [which was to force farmers from their land], held on some of the very land in question. The festival brought together an amalgam of people, such as farmers, street beatnik hippies, student radicals and underground outsider musicians.

In the beginning of the 70’s in Japan the so called New Rock was on the rise, new bands spang up like mushrooms, festivals were going on one after another and many of them were politically slanted. One of those was a concert in support of farmers whose lands were under the threat of seizure by guileful capitalists thinking of road construction there. The youth wing of Japanese communist party has done the best they could and organized a wideranging meeting with famous jazz, rock and folk musicians. Moreover, the schedule of the event was chosen so carefully to coincide with big Shinto holiday in mid-August that let the organizers to obtain additionally many traditional dance ensembles.
Sat Aug 14, 1971 - Mon Aug 16, 1971
Chiba 286-0111
Nihon Genyasai Festival
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Dew, a band led by Fumio Nunoya, the former vocalist of Blues Creation.
Masayuki Takayanagi’s New Directions Unit [both Takagi and Takayanagi were free-jazzers who played with Masahiko Togashi] and Shun Ochiai Trio, a free jazz group.
Haino Keiji’s Lost Aaraaff unit, radical politically charged folk duo Zuno Keisatsu (aka Brain Police), the heavy blues hitters DEW and Blues Creation, delivering wailing and electrically heated up performances, balancing on the verge of sheer riot, chaos and collective frustration. 
Leftist duo Zuno Keisatsu climb onto the stage inflaming the already excited mob with their songs like “Children Who Know Only War” and “Get Your Guns!”. And right after such politically oriented figures the stage is entered by crazy young hooligans not only playing an inconceivable haze with wild noisy guitar (this was Lost Aaraaff with 19 years old Keiji Haino) but this apostate even starts to shout to the audience that he wants them to die and to scold violently. The people were already electrified by previous speakers and the festival was on farmer’s field so after some time stones were wrenched out of the ground and thrown to the musical innovators. It has been finished by escape of Haino and friends but they perform much enough: their whole performance can be heard on CD1 from 4CD set Lost Aaraaff “Soul’s True Love”.
Legendary and historical recording that took place during three days in August 1971 as reaction against the scheduled enlargement of Tokyo’s Narita International Airport and subsequent expatriation of the farmers inhabiting the land. This recording depicts the heated up atmosphere of the festival with its ideological arguments, angry insults and doomsday desperation hovering over the event. However, some staggering recordings by legendary artists were recorded for posteriori and are all included here, making hard-core music addicts and scholars of Japanese underground history quiet delighted.
Appearances of procommunistic organizers, speeches and talks. Traditional songs done by local farmer’s wives. 


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