Palm Beach Pop Festival 1969 United States

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The Woodstock of the South. Almost never happened. Local, State, and even Federal Govt. tried to stop it.
Fri Nov 28, 1969 - Sun Nov 30, 1969
Palm Beach International Speedway
17047 Beeline Hwy
Jupiter Florida
United States
Woodstock South
Years active
Founded by
David Rupp & Hank Roberts
Palm Beach Pop Festival (2012), by J. Connell & K. Davidoff.

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Palm Beach Pop Festival
(Updated: April 30, 2022)
Getting old, so I'd like to share my experience at Palm Beach Pop Festival. Friends and I traveled to Florida from Galesburg Mi in late October '69. We drove down in a 1941 cadillac hearse (black, of course). Upon hearing of a possible rock fest in West Palm we left the keys that day and ended up at Rupp's dragstrip 9 days early. Why pay if you don't have to? Roughly 5 days before the festival we were asked if we wanted to help set up the food tents in exchange for, what else, food! On Friday morn of the fest I was called to the timing tower where Mr. Rupp asked if I would like to be Chief Security Officer for the festival. I quickly said yes, went back to the hearse and told my friends. Within 30 minutes I heard the first notes of "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" and told friends I needed to be behind stage. Friday nite was pretty frightful due to cold, wet, wet weather, however, we were able to complete a full program. I will attempt to update on this site each day as I have too much to share in one sitting. Suffice it to say I had personal experiences with the Winters Bros., the Chambers Bros., Roger McQuinn, Spooky Tooth, King Crimson, Janis and others. Later, and always keep the music playing! R. C. Campbell


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