Lincoln Folk Festival 1971 England

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A one day concert of traditional and contemporary folk music.
Lincoln Festival 1971 Poster - Artwork by Ian Beck
Tupholme Folk Festival 1971 Poster
Tupholme Folk Festival 1971
Sat Jul 24, 1971
Tupholme Manor Park
Tupholme Folk Festival
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Frederick Bannister Productions Ltd

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Folk Festival Tupholme Manor 1971
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I still have my ticket for this concert and remember it like it was yesterday. My friend Lynn and I stayed and camped overnight so that we wouldn’t miss the late acts. I remember some people asking me if I had any “Sugar”? Being a bit thick, I took them all the way back to our tent (a long trek) and got out our sugar in a Tupperware container. Talk about innocent.
I loved every minute and the Byrds were my highlight. Very Fond memories.
Lincoln Folk Festival 1971
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Tupholme 71
I was there aged 17. I remember that when the festival closed the first thing they played on the pa was ‘Blue Jay Way’.
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lincoln folk day
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This coming weekend marks the 50th anniversary of this remarkable concert and I am so glad I was able to attend. My mate Pete and I travelled in a minibus from Lytham St.Annes organsied by a guy called Rick. We ran late as two people overslept and it delayed us. Missed the opening acts but recall the music was mostly sublime. It rained in the early afternoon and as we were already festival veterans had our plastic and ground sheets ready! I can't now recall Pentangle, the Incredibles or Tim Hardin but Tom Paxton was terrific getting the audience to sing along as was Dion who had just released his hit, Abraham, Martin and John (was too young to experience his doo wap/early rock and roll period). The undoubted highlights were an early evening set by Sandy Denny with Richard Thompson doing mainly songs from her soon to be releasd 'North Star Grassman' LP - 'Blackwater Side' was beautiful. Most of all it was my first and only time of seeing the Byrds and they were the best even if they were only supposed to play acoustically. Was esepcially pleased they did 'You Ain't Goin Nowhere'! The bus was leaving at midnight and the concert running late - we had to stumble over bodies in the dark to find our ride home accompanied by the songs of Buffy St Marie from the stage, whom I would loved to have seen perform her whole set. This concert still resonates after all this time and we went to a lot of festivals in 1970/71 and 72. Thank you all the musicians (many now RIP) and Fred Bannister the organiser
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Brilliant. Found James Taylor. Wonderful memorable life long experience. Nearly seventy now. Remember much of it as if yesterday. Thank you to all the artists , organisers and fellow attendees. Amazing.
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Lincoln Folk festival 1971
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I remember seeing Sandy Denny, playing with Richard Thompson on guitar. It was the first time I'd seen him and I thought he was amazing! I remember Sandy Denny, before one song, saying Richard had asked her to do it because he wanted to make his guitar sound like a pedal steel. Can anyone else remember that? The recording of their set has emerged and it doesn't seem to be on that! Oh well. Maybe I dreamed it.
Lincoln Folk Festival 1971 - Sandy Denny
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