Jazz Comblain-la-Tour 1959 Belgium

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Why this international jazz festival in Comblain-la-Tour, a small tourist village in the Ourthe valley? Simply because an ex-G.I. who became impressario wanted to prove his gratitude to the inhabitants of the locality who had welcomed him so kindly during the Battle of the Ardennes in 1944.
Since then, Joe Napoli has regularly returned to spend his holidays and leisure time in Comblain-la-Tour, with the Distrée family, where he takes part in farm work. In 1959 Joe decided that the time had come to take action and organize an international event, the proceeds of which went entirely to the restoration of the church and to local societies.
In collaboration with La Meuse, Radio-Liège, the municipal administration, local societies, Joe is organizing this great event in jazz, never before seen in Belgium.
(Echos de Comblain: Juillet 1959)

Despite the rain, the first edition proved to be a resounding success. Between six and ten thousand people attended the festival on that day in 1959.
Jazz Comblain-la-Tour 1959
Jazz Comblain-la-Tour 1959
Jazz Comblain-la-Tour 1959 Article Les Echos de Comblain Sep 1959
Jazz Comblain-la-Tour 1959 Article Juillet Echos
Sat Aug 01, 1959 - Sun Aug 02, 1959
Comblain-la-Tour F.C.
Rue de Fairon
Comblain-la-Tour Liège 4180
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