Incident at Kickapoo Creek 1970 United States

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In 1970, farmer David Lewis held the Kickapoo Creek Rock Festival on his private land in Heyworth, Illinois. Inspired by 1969's Woodstock, the festival featured music, nudity, the open sale of drugs and rainstorms that turned the farm into a muddy mess. He hired a local motorcycle gang called the Grim Reapers to police the grounds. Many of the town folks did not want the festival to happen and were stunned when 60,000 people showed up and lingered around the village after the fest was over. They were also surprised when Lewis left his life behind, took his $250,000 he made and never returned to Heyworth. 
Kickapoo Creek Rock Festival 1970
Incident at Kickapoo Creek 1970
Fri May 29, 1970 - Sun May 31, 1970
Dave Lewis Farm
Heyworth Illinois
United States
Illinois' Woodstock, Heyworth Rock Festival
Years active
Founded by
David Lewis

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A weekend to Remember
Total Experience
It was the year after Woodstock. Several of my fraternity brothers returned to school with tales from the festival. When Kickapoo was announce I knew I had to go. A fraternity brother and I purchased our tickets and climbed in my 63 Galaxy for the ride from Chicago to Heyworth. We slept in the car and spent the weekend wasted listening to great music. Canned Heat was Amazing. Country Joe lived up to his hype. Corky Siegel was so good I later became a regular for Siegel Schwall (sp) Blues Band shoes at the Quiet Knight on Chicago's north side. It rained, we slid in the mud. I remember walking past a van and someone handed me a piece of surgical tubing. The other end was attached to a homemade water pipe made from Tupperware. Ah American ingenuity. It may not have been Woodstock, but it was my Woodstock. The most exciting time was when, driving home still half stoned, the right front tie of my car blew as I went through a curve on Interstate 55. We got the car off the road without crashing but it sure shredded the tire and got our hearts pumping.