Hollywood Music Festival 1970 England

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Hollywood Music Festival 1970
Hollywood Music Festival 1970
Hollywood Music Festival 1970
Sat May 23, 1970 - Sun May 24, 1970
Ted Askey's Lower Farm
Finney Green
Years active
Founded by
Onista Limited, Red Bus Company (Ellis Elias & Elliot Cohen)

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The first performance of Grateful Dead in the UK. 
A funfair, all-night discotheques, all-night movie shows, featuring major feature films and surprises, disc-jockeys Simon Stable and Jerry Floyd, art exhibitions, boutiques, lectures and poetry readings. 


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Total Experience
This was the first time I had been away from my home town without an adult. I was 16 and I had hardly been out of the house. I learned more in that weekend than the previous 16 years. I hadn't seen anyone drunk before, for example.
My friend and I got a lift and then took a bus to the festival site.
First act was the inimitable Screaming Lord Sutch. He had girl's dressed in school uniform, stockings and suspenders. He would be arrested now.
Next up was Family. Roger Chapman put up his usual strong performance.
I saw Free, Grateful Dead, Colosseum, Black Sabbath ,Ginger Bakers Airforce and various other acts that I don't now recall. This was the first large show that Black Sabbath had played and they admitted to being terrified. They had come a long way from playing the local youth club. I wonder what happened to them?
Biggest hit of the weekend was, without a doubt, Mungo Jerry. They just had to be brought back for a second performance.
An excellent experience that set me up for life as a music fan and concert goer. All for thirty bob or £1.50.
1 reviews


Held in an area called Hollywood at Finney Green, between Madeley Heath and Leycett, near Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire.