Festival Pop de Manseau 1970 Canada

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This pop festival was the Quebec equivalent of the 1969 pop festival held in Woodstock, New York, which attracted 500,000 followers of the motto peace and love or make love, not war .

At first the Manseau population welcomed the news of the festival with an indifference tinged with skepticism. Yet as the fateful date approached and alarming rumors of riots, robberies, and looting increased, serious concern began to emerge.
It was estimated that the total number of festival-goers would reach 200 to 300 thousand people or more, but the opening of the wickets made it clear that the goal would never be reached.
However, no more than 20,000 people came forward, much less than expected and of that number, less than 7,000 paid admission of $ 15.00. It was only logical because the $ 15 entry fee had the effect of discarding many young hippies.

Some amateur groups performed on the platform, but the expected "big names" shone by their absence.

Finally, the day of the show, the rain is at the rendezvous, completing to turn the event into a flop.

In short, the Manseau Festival , Quebec's first pop festival, has been a resounding failure.

Overall, the festival was held in order. Nearly 500 people were treated at the site and in hospitals for minor problems, and there were three more serious injuries, including fights, one of which was stabbed.

From July 31 to the end of August 2, rape was reported on a minor, 7 accidents and 57 traffic violations, 2 auto thefts and a motorcycle, a hit and run and an assault on an employee. Three complaints of fraud against the organization were filed.

Seven drug-related arrests were made, and a few people walking naked on public roads were arrested.
Manseau Pop Festival 1970
Fri Jul 31, 1970 - Sun Aug 02, 1970
Ferme Napoléon
Manseau Quebec
Organized by
Years active
Founded by
Filiatrault Lahaie, Claude Lahaie & Ziggy Wiseman

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On the former farm of Paul Turgeon, renamed for the occasion Ferme Napoléon .