Festival of the Flower Children 1967 England

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An almost forgotten festival. Yet it was held at the height of the Summer Of Love and was one of the first festivals to challenge the established National Jazz and Blues Festival held at Windsor. Perhaps it was the lack of overseas name bands in the line-up that has caused it to be overlooked. It really appears to be more of a tin pan alley pop/rock festival rather than a truly psychedelic festival, judging by the line-up that we have at the moment, apart from legendary psych bands Dantalion's Chariot and Tomorrow. Where's the Floyd for a start... and who booked the Bee Gees? The vibe given off from archived images and footage tends to reinforce the feeling that this wasn't a true expression of the underground, but more of a commercial event. A lot of the attendees look more like weekend hippies than the real thing, many dressed in the latest Carnaby street threads bought off the rack rather than having assembled their costume themselves from op shops and their grandparents cast offs. However, one must also remember that this was 1967 and people did wear some pretty naff stuff then, by the following year a lot of the paisley and beads had vanished as the blues boom took over and the look morphed into wearing slightly less psychedelic materials. It appears the event was profitable as it was repeated in 1968, albeit under a different name, no mention of flower children.
Festival of the Flower Children 1967
Sat Aug 26, 1967 - Mon Aug 28, 1967
Woburn Abbey, Milton Keynes
Woburn MK17
Woburn Love-In
Years active
Founded by
The Duke of Bedford

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