Festival de Ancón 1971 Colombia

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The first rock festival in Medellín.

At the end of the 60s with the spread of rock music, the hippie movement experienced a remarkable growth in cities such as Bogotá, Medellin and Cali, which led to the formation of numerous projects linked to the spread of rock music.

There are at least two versions about how the festival was organized.
The most widespread media reports that Gonzalo Caro Carolo, a well-known hippie from Medellín, imagined the festival while resting on a beach in San Andrés under the influence of LSD. The lot where it would be made, on the other hand, was chosen during a Caro trip to the region in search of hallucinogenic mushrooms.

Other versions of promoters of the rock music of those years, maintain that Humberto Caballero (already deceased leader of the hippie movement in Bogotá), promoted the festival because of the success that previous events had had in the capital and that the Antioquia capital was opted for being the area where Gonzalo Caro (who already had experience in the city as organizer of shows) helped to process the permits for its realization.

In Ancón there was only peace and love. There are no reports of deaths, rapes or violent acts. Those three days were calm, there were only psychedelic dreamers playing to be free, dancing and sharing their energy between music, drugs and brotherhood.
Festival de Ancón 1971
Festival de Ancón 1971 Poster
Fri Jun 18, 1971 - Sun Jun 20, 1971
La Estrella
Colombian Woodstock
Years active
Founded by
Gonzalo Caro Carolo & Humberto Caballero

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