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Santana did not play at this event. Carlos performed with Paul Butterfield in January of 1967 at the Fillmore and got an opening slot gig following that show. The Santana Blues Band was formed in February of 1967, after the Human Be-In event had already taken place. The band did not start using the Santana name until 1968.
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How can you be 100% sure Carlos Santana did not play together with the Steve Miller Band? It's possible that the second poster was made after the event...
Indeed, Carlos performed with Paul Butterfield in LATE January of 1967 at the Fillmore. Yes, the Santana Blues Band was officially formed in February of 1967.

Wiki "Santana is an American rock band, formed in 1966 by American guitarist Carlos Santana..... In November 1967, the band changed their name to Santana."

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