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Isle Of Wight 1970
(Updated: November 05, 2020)
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I went to this with my friend Eric, in my mum's Morris 1000. It was amazing. So many people! I remember Jimi Hendrix playing at about 2am. I had to keep waking Eric up "He's playing Red House!". So many people who aren't around any more. Miles Davis! Jim Morrison. Leonard Cohen. I remember Joni Mitchell singing "Willy" which is one of my favourite songs. I went right up to the front for that. Finding my place on the way back was quite a challenge. A lot of lining up with distinctive trees etc. I remember Jethro Tull sounded great. They had taken a lot of care getting their sound just right and it really showed.

Once, one of the announcers came on, talking about the "bust fund" to help to pay costs for people who had been caught smoking dope. At one point he announced that a policeman had contributed a fiver to "the bust fund". A huge cheer went up. From where we were it was all very peaceful and good-natured, not like later reports suggested.
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