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I was a naive 15 year old and attended this festival with my older brother who was attending UNR at the time. Show was to start at 12 noon and run until midnight, but with a heavy rain mid-day the acts didn't get started until 4 pm. The line up was amazing, not listed above nor on the concert poster were The Chambers Brothers and several other bands. One experience that comes to mind was an impromptu mud-wresting match being held in front of the stands. A lady was dancing while two large dudes wrestled. Her ever-diminishing state of dress finally got the attention of one of the men. Once she was fully undressed, he threw her over his shoulder and carried her off. Another moment came during a thundershower we huddled under a very large tarp, held up in the middle by a seven foot tall man. Joints and hash pipes were passed, there was more fog under the tarp then outside ...

The concert finally ended at 4:00 am but it took until dawn to get the cars out of the parking lot and roads.
Carson City Labor Day Music & Art Festival 1972
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September 11, 2020
Thanks Corey for sharing your story!
I've added The Chambers Brothers to the line up. Can you remember any other artists?
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