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I am 77 and this was one of the most wonderful events of my life...partly because with me was a new girlfriend who became my wife for 48 years. I was particularly keen to see the Byrds who were billed to be doing an acoustic set....did they fuck! They came on and kicked off with Do You Want to Be A Rock n Roll Star and it was NOT acoustic. Two things stand out ..the PA played music I had not heard about but later discovered it was Crosby Stills and Nash and the toilets were primitive...trenches dug into the ground shielded by canvass tarpaulins which fell down at some point during the day.Janis and I had little money and no way to get home so after the gig we slept under a sheet of plastic in the woods bordering the venue.. It pissed down all night but we were happy..we had found each other and we were happy after a wonderful concert.
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