Burg-Waldeck Festival 1968 Germany

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The Waldeck festivals were the first open-air festivals in Germany, influenced by the French chanson and American folk- and protest songs scene. The course of the festival in 1968 was influenced by the shooting down in 1967 of the student Benno Ohnesorg, the attack on Rudi Dutschke in April 1968, the student revolts and the May '68 movement in France. Extreme leftist youths, including the extra-parliamentary opposition movement founded the "Basic Gruppe Waldeck-Festival 'and demanded a lot more discussion about the content of the songs. Songs of Reinhard Mey and Hanns Dieter Hüsch were in their opinion, too poetic, had insufficient political content. Therefore, their performances were disrupted. Mey was even carried away from the podium. Discussion was considered more important than music. The soul of the Burg Waldeck Festivals was discussed devastated. Despite more than 4,000 visitors - actually too much for the domain - and the more than 51 artists in 1968 caused the downfall of the festival. The Folk Festival was plunged into a crisis, there were debts due to high flight costs for American artists, ABW criticized the anarchist excesses of the event, and the crowds of "bums" left among the population a very negative impression. The 1969 festival, which no longer by ABW was organized but by a Project Group and took place only in September, was the last one. Talking and taking positions on music were now the key for another 2,000 visitors. The posters had the word 'festival' disappeared.
"Song '68"
Wed Jun 12, 1968 - Mon Jun 17, 1968
Burg Waldeck
Burg Waldeck
Dommershausen 56290
Years active
1964 - 1969
Founded by
Nerother Wandervogel and Arbeitsgemeinschaft Burg Waldeck (ABW)
When the hippies came in the Hunsrück - The Burg Waldeck festivals 1964-1969. Documentary, Germany 2014, directed by Rolf Hüffer. The short night of the long hair. Open Air Festival at Burg Waldeck in 1964 - 69. Documentary, Germany, 2004, directed by Werner O. Feißt, Hans Albert Lettow, Elmar Hügler, Horst Schäfer, Jürgen Lodemann, Rolf Hüffer. The festival was held outdoors. The history of the festival at Burg Waldeck. Documentary in two parts, the Federal Republic of Germany, 1984, directed by. Christel Priemer. Chanson - Folklore, 1966. Report on a Festival. Documentary, Federal Republic of Germany, 1966, directed by. Werner O. Feißt. The Waldeck. Documentary, Federal Republic of Germany, 2013, directed by. Gabi Heleen Bollinger. 

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51 acts
There were numerous lectures, discussions and workshops.


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The castle was built in 1189 and was home of the Boos-Waldeck family till 1833.


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