British Rock Meeting 1971 Germany

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The first British Rock Meeting was originally planned for the Amphietheatre Thingstatte in Heidelberg, West Germany, and the early posters and tickets reflected this venue. However, the venue was changed to the new port in Speyer in anticipation of a crowd of over 25,000 people. The first British Rock Meeting was part of a 2-day, 2-city event, with half the bands playing in Speyer, Germany, and the other half playing in Vienna, Austria. The next day the bands would swap locations and play at the other venue. The Vienna portion of the event was officially called the "Sensational British Superstar Festival."
British Rock Meeting 1971
British Rock Meeting 1971 Ticket
Sat Sep 04, 1971 - Sun Sep 05, 1971
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Marcel Avram & Marek Lieberberg (Mama Concerts)

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Rode in on an Army wrecker
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About 20 of us (GIs) rode in at night on top of an Army wrecker. Three days of "where the hell are we man" "I haven't eaten since we got here man" Why three days? waiting for the wrecker to come back. it didn't come back.
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Speyer Rock Fest
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Music & dope all night. Hippies climbed trees in stupors.
Never forget that.
Music in the trees
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I was still in the US Army and attended this festival with several of my squad members. We brought Army pup tents and hooked them together. The music went on all day and into the night. About 2am or so, I heard Black Sabbath playing Ironman. To hear Ironman echoing through the trees, is something I'll never forget. In the morning, German girls were bathing in the river. I never forget that either! It was a wonderful experience, I'll treasure always.
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Incredible festival
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About ten of us drove from Kitzingen, most on motorcycles. I developed a pilonidal cyst on the way up and when we got there I almost couldn't put my feet down to balance the bike. Blew up an air mattress and laid there (in a bit of a haze) the whole time. Found someone else to drive the bike and hooked a ride back in the back seat of a VW bug.
My weekend ticket for the first British Rock Meeting.
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We drove down from the Army base in Bremerhaven on our weekend leave to attend this concert. It was a very existential event.
British Rock Meeting 1971 Ticket