Ancestral Spirits Festival 1967 United States

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Benefit for Haight-Ashbury Karmic Ball Fund and the Church of ONE.

The Haight-Ashbury Karmic Bail Fund will provide financial bail assistance primarily for those arrested under the marijuana and LSD possession laws.

The Church of ONE seeks to buy damaged rural land in order to provide free facility for the people to relearn to live on and understand man's relationship to the earth of the North American continent in the manner of the original inhabitants of this land, the Indian peoples.
Ancestral Spirits Festival 1967 Poster
Ancestral Spirits Festival 1967 Poster White
Ancestral Spirits Festival 1967 Info
Sun May 28, 1967 - Tue May 30, 1967
California Hall
625 Polk Street
San Francisco California
United States

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The Orkustra, the first psychedelic electric symphony orchestra, was originally known as "The Electric Chamber Orchestra". The band, with Bobby Beausoleil, existed a little more than a year before splitting in the summer of 1967.


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