1st Michigan Pop Festival 1969 United States

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What was first billed as the 2nd Saginaw Pop Festival, but later changed to the 1st Michigan Pop Festival, became the biggest rock and roll event in Bay City, Michigan, up to that time. It drew an estimated 4,000 music lovers to Roll-Air on State Park Drive for a day-long show that featured some of the state’s finest bands.

Sometime before August 26th the name was changed to the 1st Michigan Pop Festival. This was probably done to avoid the confusion among concert-goers that was bound to occur over a Saginaw Pop Festival that was actually being held in Bay City. (The first Saginaw Pop Festival was presented earlier in the year on April 9th at the Saginaw Auditorium.) Having 'Michigan' in the title also seemed to give the festival more gravitas and better positioned it to take advantage of all the positive publicity and vibes that continued to come out of the Woodstock event.
2nd Saginaw Pop Festival 1969 Poster
Tue Aug 26, 1969
State Park Roll-Air Rink
Bay City Michigan
United States
2nd Annual Saginaw Pop Festival
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