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Free, united, creative, eco-friendly, underground, in harmony with the neighborhood and always protesting.

For more than 25 years, the so-called Free Party movement has been established in France. For more than 25 years, the only answer given by successive governments has been repression. The consultations between the various institutions and Free Party actors have not resulted in any lasting solution. On the contrary, the Government has only exacerbated tensions by playing the ostrich. The feeling of being fed up provoked a series of mobilizations, be they Teknivals in the fields and / or Manifestives in the streets, to denounce this situation and ask for concrete progress in the negotiations. The laws that govern us are part of the anti-terrorism framework. Yet we are only artists and partygoers advocating self-management and solidarity! The reign of Holland comes to an end with an extremely heavy balance sheet. The number of seizures has exploded exponentially, police violence has become commonplace and the number of injured has increased accordingly. While the authorities have easy means to suppress small events, it is not the same when the Sound Systems gather in Teknival. In 1993, the 1st Teknival was made in response to the ban on a Tekno event. Nearly 25 years later, and in the absence of a sincere and concrete dialogue with the authorities, we were obliged, once again, to mobilize to make ourselves heard. More than 60,000 people answered this call and nearly 150 Sound Systems from all over Europe participated in the development of this project. This is the largest undeclared mobilization to date. The unity of our movement is there, when we are attacked, we respond festive but determined! The death of a person on the Teknival created a shock all the greater as the health and safety management of the event was irreproachable. All the rescue services were on site and the coordination between Sound Systems and state services was exemplary. Even if zero risk does not exist, we hear the pain of loved ones and their questions. Our thoughts are with them in this ordeal. However, we are sick of seeing the proselytizing use of this tragic accident. Once again this incident was used by some of the press to stigmatize the Tekno culture, the articles stressing the number of evacuations without ever putting them in comparison with other types of events. Indeed, with equivalent attendance, the figures are 4 times lower than those of similar events but framed by the state and 10 to 20 times lower than those of commercial festivals or regional folk festivals. The participants in these kinds of events do not come in consumers but in actors and that makes all the difference. The result is a strong culture of self-reliance and solidarity that can cope with most situations. The Free Party continues to grow and we are not going to disappear! It is time for future governments to understand and accept it. 
We therefore demand:
• The immediate and permanent stoppage of seizures of sound equipment. Deletion of the Mariani amendment.
• Immediate cessation of abusive proceedings against organizers and participants.
• The possibility of having access to unused and usable public lands for our festivities. 
• A real change in how town halls respond to us when we contact them.
• Real support for Risk Reduction actions, because WE are responsible! 
Collective Sound Systems Actors of Teknival May 1, 2017 "
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