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map icon London, England
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The festival was originally a religious celebration for a good harvest season and a recognition of the achievements of the German farmers. About 500.000 attendants took part in...
map icon Hagenohsen, Germany
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Human Be-In Poster 1967 - Design by Michael Bowen
The Human Be-In was announced as "A Gathering of the Tribes for a Human Be-In". The occasion was a new California law banning the use of the psychedelic drug...
map icon San Francisco, United States
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map icon Watchfield, England
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The festival never happened and was violently suppressed in 1985 in the Battle of the Beanfield. The Battle took place over several hours on the afternoon of Saturday 1...
map icon Amesbury, England
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Crater Festival, 1971
It promised music, food, crafts, fun and a chance to be part of a large love-in. And it was free!
map icon Honolulu, United States
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Windsor Free Festival 1972
A British Free Festival promoted as "Rent Strike: The People's Free Festival" and the forerunner of the Watchfield Free Festival & Stonehenge Free Festival. Attendance in its first year...
map icon Windsor, England
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2017 부산국제록페스티벌 홍보영상
map icon Busan, South Korea
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map icon Nashville, United States
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9 results - showing 1 - 9