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Make History with the Bellwether Music Festival
Waynesville, United States
3-internationales-essener-pop-blues-festival 1970 Poster
Essen, Germany
2 Internationales Pop Blues Festival 1970 Poster
Essen, Germany
Herk-de-Stad, Belgium
GROOVIN THE MOOVIE 2018 | Goovin the Moo
Wayville, Australia
Monsters Of Rock Cruise - 2018 Highlights
Miami, United States
Paléo Festival Nyon 2017 - The Aftermovie
Nyon, Switzerland
International Love-In Festival 1967
London, England
Festival de Ancón 1971
The first rock festival in Medellín. At the end of the 60s with the spread of rock music, the hippie movement experienced a remarkable growth in cities such as...
La Estrella, Colombia
Sound Festival 1971 Poster
Roskilde, Denmark
Celebration of Life 1971
A mostly-forgotten large festival from the same group of promoters who put on the 1970 Atlanta Pop Festival, the New Orleans Pop Festival, and the Toronto Rock & Roll...
McCrea, United States
Satsop River Fair and Tin Cup Races 1971
The music festival was inspired by Woodstock, which was held two years earlier. The first legal festival in Washington state. Four people were wounded by gunshots during a conflict...
Satsop, United States
ROCK FESTIVAL #1 1971 - Abilene, Texas
Abilene's first rock festival. The following is an article from the May 3, 1971 Abilene Reporter News. Rock Festival By Jim Conley Staff Writer A troublesome...
Abilene, United States
2nd Quaker City Fest 1968 adv
Philadelphia, United States
1st Quaker City Rock Festival 1968 Poster
Philadelphia, United States
Catacombs Pop Festival 1968 Poster
Houston's first pop festival. Ten solid hours of music at the "First Annual Catacombs Pop Festival". Promoted as a Trip Festival.
Houston, United States
Nihon Genyasai Festival 1971 (1)
A three-day combination underground music festival and protest against the expansion of the Narita International Airport [which was to force farmers from their land], held on some of the...
Chiba, Japan
Niverville Pop Festival 1970 Poster
MANITOBA'S MUD-FEST The Niverville Pop Festival was a wild and crazy time. By: John Einarson The following article originally appeared in the WINNIPEG FREE PRESS publication,...
Winnipeg, Canada
1st International Pop Event Poster
Deurne, Belgium
Festival of Man and Earth 1970
Hammond Daily Star June 1st Dope Raids, One Death 8,000 Attend Pop Festival Thunderbird Beach -- Despite anti-festival legislative measures, some heckling and...
Denham Springs, United States
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