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Looking for Psychedelic Rock music festivals around the world? Find basic info on festivals, plan the perfect holiday citytrip and share the experience with same minded people worldwide. Check festival biography, line up, aftermovie, accommodation info and more. How experienced are you?
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International Love-In Festival 1967
London, England
Festival de Ancón 1971
The first rock festival in Medellín. At the end of the 60s with the spread of rock music, the hippie movement experienced a remarkable growth in cities such as...
La Estrella, Colombia
Catacombs Pop Festival 1968 Poster
Houston's first pop festival. Ten solid hours of music at the "First Annual Catacombs Pop Festival". Promoted as a Trip Festival.
Houston, United States
Nihon Genyasai Festival 1971 (1)
A three-day combination underground music festival and protest against the expansion of the Narita International Airport [which was to force farmers from their land], held on some of the...
Chiba, Japan
Vancouver Trips Festival 1967 Poster by Bob Masse
Vancouver, Canada
Seattle Trips Festival March 1967 Poster
Seattle, United States
Trips Festival 1967 Seattle Poster by Bob Masse
Seattle, United States
Portland Spring Trips Festival 1967 poster by Air Sign Co.
Portland, United States
Midsummer Trips Festival 1967 Poster
Portland, United States
Trips Festival Vancouver 1966
Vancouver, Canada
Human Be-In Poster 1967 - Design by Stanley Mouse, Alton Kelley & Photograph by Michael Bowen
The Human Be-In was announced as "A Gathering of the Tribes for a Human Be-In". The occasion was a new California law banning the use of the psychedelic drug...
San Francisco, United States
Part of Ken Kesey's 'Acid Test' parties.
San Francisco, United States
Trips Festival 1966
This festival is widely credited with being the start of the hippie counterculture that would emerge within the next year. The Trips Festival was the brainchild of author Ken...
San Francisco, United States
Washougal, United States
14 results - showing 1 - 14