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This was #CoulCaf18
The largest urban and reggae festival in Belgium.
Brussels, Belgium
Fri Jun 28, 2019
Festival Rockero de Cabo Rojo 1971
The first rock festival in Puerto Rico.
Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico
Date unknown
55 Festival de la Porta Ferrada (AfterMovie 2017)
The oldest summer festival in Spain. Unique in the Costa Brava for its wide range of artistic disciplines, features...
Sant Feliú de Guixols, Spain
Mon Jul 29, 2019
Festival Cruïlla 2018 - AFTERMOVIE
Barcelona, Spain
Thu Jul 04, 2019
Manatí, Puerto Rico
Sat Apr 01, 1972
III Festival de Música Popular Brasileira 1967
São Paulo, Brazil
Sun Oct 01, 1967
George Foreman vs Muhammad Ali - Oct. 30, 1974  - Entire fight - Rounds 1 - 8 & Interview
The Zaire 74 festival goals were raising awareness of African music in the United States, to present and promote racial and cultural solidarity between African American and African people...
Kinshasa, DR Congo
Sun Sep 22, 1974
Crater Festival, 1971
It promised music, food, crafts, fun and a chance to be part of a large love-in. And it was free!
Honolulu, United States
Fri Jan 01, 1971
piedra roja   Los jaivas
A fairly chaotic situation experienced during the festival, which included problems of sound, drugs and crime. On the other hand, the festival showed on one hand that the young...
Las Condes, Chile
Sat Oct 10, 1970
9 results - showing 1 - 9