Festival Tour of The Pretty Things

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Essener-pop-und-blues-festival-1969 Poster
Essen, Germany
Thu Oct 09, 1969
The festival was postponed by a month to try to get Jimi Hendrix. The event was sold out.
Utrecht, Netherlands
Sat Dec 28, 1968
Europe's answer to Woodstock! The Actuel Music Festival of Jazz, Rock and New Music was originally planned to take place at Paris' Les Halles. It would...
Amougies, Belgium
Fri Oct 24, 1969
Isle of Wight 1969 Poster
Wootton, England
Fri Aug 29, 1969
Krumlin Festival 1970
By Saturday evening, the rain was terrential and the third day of the event was cancelled for safety reasons.
Barkisland, England
Fri Aug 14, 1970
Worthing, England
Fri Jul 24, 1970
Holmenkollen, Norway
Sun Jun 17, 1973
Camden Fringe Festival 1969
London, England
Fri May 09, 1969
8 results - showing 1 - 8