Festival Tour of The Nice

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1st International Pop Event Poster
Deurne, Belgium
Sat Jun 21, 1969
Essener-pop-und-blues-festival-1969 Poster
Essen, Germany
Thu Oct 09, 1969
Europe's answer to Woodstock! The Actuel Music Festival of Jazz, Rock and New Music was originally planned to take place at Paris' Les Halles. It would...
Amougies, Belgium
Fri Oct 24, 1969
Isle of Wight 1969 Poster
Wootton, England
Fri Aug 29, 1969
National Jazz Blues Festival 1969 Poster
Plumpton, England
Fri Aug 08, 1969
National Jazz & Blues Festival 1968
Sunbury's event was tragic - large sections of the audience climbed onto the roof of a walkway for a better view. Stamping on the corrugated roof in time to...
Sunbury-on-Thames, England
Fri Aug 09, 1968
The First European International Pop festival to rival the USA's Monterey Pop, Miami Pop and Newport Pop festivals of 1968. On the third day, The Move, set fire...
Rome, Italy
Sat May 04, 1968
Bath Festival of Blues 1969
Bath, England
Sat Jun 28, 1969
Wonderland Pop Festival 1969
London, Canada
Wed Aug 13, 1969
Hamburger Pop & Blues Festival 1970 Poster
Hamburg, Germany
Sat Mar 28, 1970
Progressive Pop Festival 1970 Cologne
Cologne, Germany
Fri Apr 03, 1970
11 results - showing 1 - 11