Festival Tour of Spirit

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Bosse Field Freedom Festival 1972
As for the show, it wasn't without incident. Five people were arrested outside the ballpark in a scuffle with police, and the city immediately sued Alexander to recover the...
Evansville, United States
Sun Jul 02, 1972
Iola is most famous for the Sunday morning incident in which bikers mounted up and charged angry concertgoers who had been chucking rocks and bottles at them in response...
Iola, United States
Fri Jun 26, 1970
Atlanta International Pop Festival 1969 poster
Hampton, United States
Fri Jul 04, 1969
Two weeks after Woodstock.
Lewisville, United States
Sat Aug 30, 1969
Sacramento Pop Festival 1967
Sacramento, United States
Sun Oct 15, 1967
Sunbury Pop 73
The Festival was the second of five annual music events held on a private farm in Sunbury over the Australia Day long weekend, and has become iconic in the...
Diggers Rest, Australia
Sat Jan 27, 1973
San Jose, United States
Fri May 23, 1969
Newport Pop Festival 1969
Los Angeles, United States
Fri Jun 20, 1969
The festival that never happened. Days before it began a legal injunction forced the event to be canceled. 30.000 people came anyway, to find no food,...
Middlefield, United States
Fri Jul 31, 1970
Woodinville, United States
Fri Jul 25, 1969
The Woodstock of the South. Almost never happened. Local, State, and even Federal Govt. tried to stop it.
Jupiter, United States
Fri Nov 28, 1969
Byron, United States
Fri Jul 03, 1970
Thunderbird Peace Festival 1969 Poster by Bob Masse
North Vancouver, Canada
Sat Sep 06, 1969
Baltimore Rock Festival 1969
Baltimore, United States
Fri Jan 31, 1969
14 results - showing 1 - 14