Festival Tour of Pink Floyd

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Aachen Open Air Pop Festival 1970
Aachen, Germany
Fri Jul 10, 1970
The organizers were overwhelmed by the success of their festival. 3000 people were expected, over 30,000 came! This unexpected success closed the festival a few hours after kickoff. All...
Biot, France
Wed Aug 05, 1970
Essener-pop-und-blues-festival-1969 Poster
Essen, Germany
Thu Oct 09, 1969
UFO Festival 1967
Celebrating the return of the Pink Floyd and 9 months of the legendary UFO Club.
London, England
Fri Sep 01, 1967
Kastival 1968 Poster
Kasterlee, Belgium
Sat Aug 31, 1968
The festival was postponed by a month to try to get Jimi Hendrix. The event was sold out.
Utrecht, Netherlands
Sat Dec 28, 1968
Holland Pop Festival 1970
The festival was in fact the beginning of the Dutch tolerance policy towards marijuana. It became clear to the many present undercover cops that there where just too many...
Rotterdam, Netherlands
Fri Jun 26, 1970
Europe's answer to Woodstock! The Actuel Music Festival of Jazz, Rock and New Music was originally planned to take place at Paris' Les Halles. It would...
Amougies, Belgium
Fri Oct 24, 1969
Afan Festival of Progressive Music 1969
Port Talbot, Wales
Sat Dec 06, 1969
Krumlin Festival 1970
By Saturday evening, the rain was terrential and the third day of the event was cancelled for safety reasons.
Barkisland, England
Fri Aug 14, 1970
National Jazz Blues Festival 1969 Poster
Plumpton, England
Fri Aug 08, 1969
The First European International Pop festival to rival the USA's Monterey Pop, Miami Pop and Newport Pop festivals of 1968. On the third day, The Move, set fire...
Rome, Italy
Sat May 04, 1968
The first modern 'rock' festival in Britain.
Bath, England
Sat Jun 27, 1970
Oakland Pop Festival 1968 Poster - Artwork by Carl Lundgren
Rochester Hills, United States
Fri Aug 30, 1968
Possibly the world's first rock festival. Only 1pound admission pay at door.
Spalding, England
Mon May 29, 1967
2. British Rock Meeting 1972
The US Army initially supported the organization of rock festivals in the Rhine-Main area, including the 2nd British Rock Meeting. The soldiers made ​​an average of 50 to 70...
Germersheim, Germany
Sat May 20, 1972
Black Magic Rock n Roll 1969
Detroit, United States
Fri Oct 31, 1969
Le Bourget, France
Fri Mar 27, 1970
Celebration of Life 1971
A mostly-forgotten large festival from the same group of promoters who put on the 1970 Atlanta Pop Festival, the New Orleans Pop Festival, and the Toronto Rock & Roll...
McCrea, United States
Mon Jun 21, 1971
Camden Fringe Festival 1969
London, England
Fri May 09, 1969
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