Festival Tour of Deep Purple

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British Rock Meeting 1971
The first British Rock Meeting was originally planned for the Amphietheatre Thingstatte in Heidelberg, West Germany, and the early posters and tickets reflected this venue. However, the venue was...
Speyer, Germany
Sat Sep 04, 1971
Aachen Open Air Pop Festival 1970
Aachen, Germany
Fri Jul 10, 1970
Essener-pop-und-blues-festival-1969 Poster
Essen, Germany
Thu Oct 09, 1969
The first festival in Europe where jazz and pop music were brought together. Therefore sometimes called the "mother of all European festivals". 
Bilzen, Belgium
Thu Aug 21, 1969
National Jazz Blues Festival 1970 Poster
Plumpton, England
Thu Aug 06, 1970
Camden Festival 1971 Poster
London, England
Sun Apr 25, 1971
National Jazz & Blues Festival 1968
Sunbury's event was tragic - large sections of the audience climbed onto the roof of a walkway for a better view. Stamping on the corrugated roof in time to...
Sunbury-on-Thames, England
Fri Aug 09, 1968
Last edition, known as 'Mudbury' due to the constant heavy rain and foot traffic turning the site into a quagmire. The attendance was only 15,000-16,000 and the festival suffered...
Diggers Rest, Australia
Fri Jan 24, 1975
The concert set a record for the largest paid attendance at such an event. Another record was for the most powerful concert system ever assembled. Deep...
Ontario, United States
Sat Apr 06, 1974
Aix-en-Provence, France
Sat Aug 01, 1970
San Francisco, United States
Sat Oct 26, 1968
Sensational British Superstar Festival 1971
The first Sensational British Superstar Festival was part of a 2-day, 2-city event, with half the bands playing in Speyer, Germany, and the other half playing in Vienna, Austria....
Vienna, Austria
Sat Sep 04, 1971
Progressive Pop Festival 1970 Cologne
Cologne, Germany
Fri Apr 03, 1970
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