Festival Tour of Crow

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Iola is most famous for the Sunday morning incident in which bikers mounted up and charged angry concertgoers who had been chucking rocks and bottles at them in response...
Iola, United States
Fri Jun 26, 1970
Weeley Festival 1971
The Weeley Festival was organised as a small charity fundraising event. When plans for the Isle of Wight Festival 1971 fell through, Weeley grew in importance. The event was...
Weeley, England
Fri Aug 27, 1971
The last rock festival of the 60's.
Homestead, United States
Sat Dec 27, 1969
And Lighter than Air Fair II.
Tenino, United States
Sat Aug 30, 1969
San Jose, United States
Fri May 23, 1969
Sound Storm Festival 1970 poster
Wisconsin's first outdoor rock festival, a miniature Woodstock. "Only a handful of injuries or arrests were reported. Participants... universally recalled Sound Storm as a social and musical success. It...
Poynette, United States
Fri Apr 24, 1970
Thunderbird Peace Festival 1969 Poster by Bob Masse
North Vancouver, Canada
Sat Sep 06, 1969
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