Festival Tour of Chuck Berry

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Iola is most famous for the Sunday morning incident in which bikers mounted up and charged angry concertgoers who had been chucking rocks and bottles at them in response...
Iola, United States
Fri Jun 26, 1970
Newport, United States
Thu Jul 03, 1958
Atlanta International Pop Festival 1969 poster
Hampton, United States
Fri Jul 04, 1969
The 1968 Pop Festival Poster
Scheduled as a two-day event, Sunday's concert was rained out. Inspired Jimi Hendrix to write "Rainy day, Dream Away". Seen in the documentary "Jimi Hendrix: Hear My Train A...
Hallandale Beach, United States
Sat May 18, 1968
Mantorp 1970 "Festival Of The Midnight Sun"
Mantorp, Sweden
Fri Jun 19, 1970
First Annual Detroit Rock and Roll Revival 1969 Poster - Artwork by Gary Grimshaw
Detroit, United States
Fri May 30, 1969
San Jose, United States
Fri May 23, 1969
The festival that never happened. Days before it began a legal injunction forced the event to be canceled. 30.000 people came anyway, to find no food,...
Middlefield, United States
Fri Jul 31, 1970
Woodinville, United States
Fri Jul 25, 1969
Miami Pop Festival 1968 Poster
Hallandale Beach, United States
Sat Dec 28, 1968
Toronto Rock 'n' Roll Revival 1969
Toronto, Canada
Sat Sep 13, 1969
Toronto Pop Festival 1969
Toronto, Canada
Sat Jun 21, 1969
Festival of Man and Earth 1970
Hammond Daily Star June 1st Dope Raids, One Death 8,000 Attend Pop Festival Thunderbird Beach -- Despite...
Denham Springs, United States
Sat May 30, 1970
Celebration of Life 1971
A mostly-forgotten large festival from the same group of promoters who put on the 1970 Atlanta Pop Festival, the New Orleans Pop Festival, and the Toronto Rock & Roll...
McCrea, United States
Mon Jun 21, 1971
Buxton Pop Festival 1973 Poster
Buxton, England
Sat Jul 21, 1973
Fort Lauderdale Easter-Rock Festival 1969
Fort Lauderdale, United States
Sun Mar 30, 1969
1st St Louis Pop Festival 1970 Poster - Artwork by Bad Dog Graphics
St. Louis, United States
Sat Mar 07, 1970
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