Festival Tour of Brownsville Station

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Iola is most famous for the Sunday morning incident in which bikers mounted up and charged angry concertgoers who had been chucking rocks and bottles at them in response...
Iola, United States
Fri Jun 26, 1970
Erie Canal Soda Pop Festival 1972
Griffin, United States
Sat Sep 02, 1972
First Annual Detroit Rock and Roll Revival 1969 Poster - Artwork by Gary Grimshaw
Detroit, United States
Fri May 30, 1969
Kalamazoo, United States
Sun Jun 08, 1969
2nd Annual Detroit Rock & Roll Revival 1969
Mt. Clemens, United States
Fri Jul 04, 1969
Manatí, Puerto Rico
Sat Apr 01, 1972
The festival took place at the time of the 25th anniversary of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and peace groups publicized an anti-nuclear weapons message during the...
Jackson, United States
Fri Aug 07, 1970
A gathering of the People! Celebrate the Beginning rites of Summer with the spirits of The Sun, Sky, and Stars. The success of the March festival led to...
Cincinnati, United States
Sat Jun 13, 1970
A 12-hour rock marathon. The success of the March festival led to the idea of a bigger event at a bigger venue for the coming summer. ...
Cincinnati, United States
Thu Mar 26, 1970
Festival of Man and Earth 1970
Hammond Daily Star June 1st Dope Raids, One Death 8,000 Attend Pop Festival Thunderbird Beach -- Despite...
Denham Springs, United States
Sat May 30, 1970
Celebration of Life 1971
A mostly-forgotten large festival from the same group of promoters who put on the 1970 Atlanta Pop Festival, the New Orleans Pop Festival, and the Toronto Rock & Roll...
McCrea, United States
Mon Jun 21, 1971
2nd Annual Saugatuck Pop Festival 1969 Poster
Saugatuck, United States
Fri Apr 04, 1969
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