Festival Tour of B.B. King

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New York City, United States
Thu Jun 15, 1972
Kickapoo Creek Rock Festival 1970
In 1970, farmer David Lewis held the Kickapoo Creek Rock Festival on his private land in Heyworth, Illinois. Inspired by 1969's Woodstock, the festival featured music, nudity, the open...
Heyworth, United States
Fri May 29, 1970
Newport Jazz Festival 1969 poster
Newport, United States
Thu Jul 03, 1969
The idea was to celebrate African American music and promote black pride and unity after a difficult period during the late 1960s which saw the Watts Riots and the...
Harlem, United States
Sun Jun 29, 1969
Two weeks after Woodstock.
Lewisville, United States
Sat Aug 30, 1969
The last rock festival of the 60's.
Homestead, United States
Sat Dec 27, 1969
Houston, United States
Fri Jul 07, 1972
Houston, United States
Fri Jul 13, 1973
Manatí, Puerto Rico
Sat Apr 01, 1972
Two weeks before Woodstock. A 3-day ticket was $15.00.
Atlantic City, United States
Fri Aug 01, 1969
Paper Article Florida Rock Show Promoters Arrested Bithlo, Fla., March 29 -- Sheriff's deputies arrested the promoters of a dude ranch rock...
Bithlo, United States
Fri Mar 27, 1970
Byron, United States
Fri Jul 03, 1970
Ann Arbor Blues Festival 1969
Ann Arbor, United States
Fri Aug 01, 1969
George Foreman vs Muhammad Ali - Oct. 30, 1974  - Entire fight - Rounds 1 - 8 & Interview
The Zaire 74 festival goals were raising awareness of African music in the United States, to present and promote racial and cultural solidarity between African American and African people...
Kinshasa, DR Congo
Sun Sep 22, 1974
Celebration of Life 1971
A mostly-forgotten large festival from the same group of promoters who put on the 1970 Atlanta Pop Festival, the New Orleans Pop Festival, and the Toronto Rock & Roll...
McCrea, United States
Mon Jun 21, 1971
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