Jazz Bilzen 1967

Jazz Bilzen 1967

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The Summer of Love waving American Westcoast to these parts and the hippie culture breaks through worldwide. Slogans like 'Flower Power' and 'Peace & Love' are widely present. Jimi Hendrix, The Doors and The Beatles do with their "All you need is love" another scoop top psychedelics. But your soundtrack for the summer of love is provided by Scott McKenzie's "(If you're going to) San Francisco 'and the British with Procol Harum "A Whiter Shade of Pale". And let it be like the last band they expect in Bilzen absolute headliner. It's Humo that ties with the festival citing ever more closely, that contract gets around. Under the motto "In Bilzen Bloeit De Beat" also the magazine organizes its own teen show a lot of patriotic stars trot during first Humo's Pop Poll. Anneke Soetaert, that the price 'Best Domestic Singer' won, will also occur, but the festival goers appetites no porridge from her listening songs and aiming tomatoes and a clod of earth to the podium. 

Many prefer it goes far during the 'Love In', an event which - again - is organized by Humo. The Bilzen residents, who in recent years however been many colorful figures saw pass among visitors, ogle while an endless procession Flemish flower girls and boys pass by. "Jazz Bilzen is hip, modern, young, cheerful, surprising sound artistic, crazy and compelling," writes Johan Anthierens in The Post.

The festival becomes at no time 'the place to be' and nowhere else are pop and rock bands, protest singers, jazz and blues artists on the same stage. Especially the poster Friday lures many people, Armand and Boudewijn de Groot are popular, but everyone wants to see Procol Harum. The band Bilzen his first live concert ever. Reactions are mixed afterwards: grandiose as the one about a flop screamed as the other. Yet most post the press after the long wait between concerts ... The quality in Bilzen is superb, there are just too many artists. However, the public puts up with it all, even the ballet and cabaret groups (including Herman Van Veen) that appear constantly in the city center, had lot of attention.
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