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Dear friends anywhere in Europe! Dear fighters for freedom, constitutional rights and truth!

On 29.08.2020 many of us (very many!!!) will be on the streets of Berlin to protect the peace and freedom of Europe. Please come from all countries to join us in Berlin. Berlin is important for all of us: Germany has the EU presidency, and Berlin is where the tests and numbers come from that are the tune to which the whole world has been singing to for months. If we want to preserve our freedom, then we must act together in Berlin on 29 August! Come to us in Berlin and show yourselves with us. Every single participant counts!

For all those who can't possibly come to Berlin on August 29th (but really only if you can't make it at all!): In solidarity with our demonstrators in Berlin and in memory of the great role models of our movement, especially M. Gandhi with his non-violent resistance, as well as in memory of the events at the Berlin Wall in 1989, we call on you today throughout Europe: Register in all small and large cities for the 29.08.2020 at 15.30 pm (CEST) a demonstration or meditation in the city centre. Gather on the main square in white shirts as a sign of our Europe-wide solidarity. Stand up together with us on 29.08.! Hand over a white carnation to all police officers at the same time as a sign of our peaceful protest.
Throughout Europe! For peace and freedom!!!
"Berlin Invites Europe"
Sat Aug 29, 2020
Brandenburger Tor
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Arts & Acts

Heroes Of Freedom - Paula P'Cay

we - we are the people 
and we - we stand up everyone 
and no one can stop us from rising 
oh we can beat them 
all together as one 
we can be heroes 
now and forever 
we belong all to the human race 
now it's time to stand up and show your face 
we are free, strong and we are wise 
now it's time for us to rise 
you - you raise your voice now 
together - we claim our rights 
oh nothing - can stop us from rising 
we all can be heroes 
if we show our love 
we can be free - now and forever 
I - I can remember 
the day - they all locked us down 
choir: they locked us down 
they're talking - about vaccines and wearings masks 
choir: wearing masks 
they take our own decicions away 
choir: yes, they try 
now we're here - all united in Berlin 
and we claim 
choir: yes, we claim 
freedom and peace! 
we can be free 
now and forever 
we belong all to the human race 
now's the time to stand up and make a change 
we are proud, full of diginity 
come and join - love and humanity 
we can be heroes - now and forever!

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